Craftsmanship, Technology and Creativity

Choosing Maritan means having access to a wide range of services aimed at satisfying every need of the end customer.

Ours is a highly customer-oriented as well as a customer satisfaction-oriented company.

Behind a finished shoe there is a deep effort and commitment that involves every company department and it’s precisely their perfect harmony and synergy that gives rise to a quality and recognizable product. In our research and design department our creatives develop new collections on behalf of Maritan or other brands; in the form of counselling, we also offer technical and design expertise.

The technical development of the models is carried out using the most innovative technologies offered in the industry such as CAD CAM. The same applies to the assembly line, where the samples are actually carried out, and to the cutting and hemming department, which boasts the “Automatic Cut” method.

Craftsmanship, technology and creativity are the ingredients that allow the Italian company to assert itself on the world scene thanks to its production for world-class brands and to the marketing of its own products.